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ALFLUTOP® is a natural, opotherapic product manufactured by BIOTEHNOS  S.A. Romania, with distinctive therapeutical properties, proved by tests and studies performed for over 18 years.

ALFLUTOP® , conditioned as injectable solution, contains in 1 ml 10 mg sea fish bioactive concentrate ( amino acids, low molecular mass peptides, mucopolysaccharides, trace elements: Na, K, Ca, Mg, Fe, Cu, Zn), maximum 5 mg/100ml phenol as preservative.

ALFLUTOP® falls into the group of chondroprotective products having anti-hyaluronidase, antiinflammatory and  analgesic action:

  • inhibits hyaluronidase excess;
  • restores chondrocytes homeostasis in damaged tissues;
  • stimulates regenerative processes at cartilage level;
  • adjusts synovial fluid synthesis;
  • stimulates superoxide dismutase;
  • inhibits occurrence of superoxide free radicals.

  • The clinical trials have confirmed the efficacy of ALFLUTOP® in degenerative articular, post-traumatic pathology and abarticular rheumatism:

    The clinical trials showed the therapeutical effect of ALFLUTOP® in the treatment of periarthritis, spondiloarthrosis, spinal disc injuries, ankylopoietic spondilitis, Reiter syndrome, rheumatoid polyarthritis.

     ALFLUTOP® is also produced as gel and suppositories.

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